The Bar

Basaga’s bar has been described as.. “an amazing outdoor open- concept bar..” serving a good variety of beverages and cocktails.

The daytime atmosphere is definitely cool and relaxing, and at night it turns into a vibrant social spot with great ambience; the lighting, the breeze, plus the wide and very cool music selection ever present in the background.

Seating is available in the Main Courtyard, the Bar deck and the Mainhouse Terrace areas.

For those who prefer privacy, there are 2 Basaga Private air-conditioned rooms, each furnished with a large dinning table, available through prior reservation at the front desk. The Bar is open from 7am – 12am (Monday – Tuesday) and 7am – 12.30am (Friday – Sunday)

The Restaurant

The Restaurant is also located in the Main Courtyard. The atmosphere is casual with a fine range of foods ranging from delicate finger foods, grills and main dishes.

Choose from a selection of all-time favourites from both Asian and Western cuisines prepared by our in-house chefs.

Diners may choose to have dinner within the Main Courtyard itself, or at the Bar deck or in the Basaga Private Room.

The Restaurant is open for breakfast between 7.00am – 10.00am, 11.00am – 3pm for lunch and from 5.00pm till 11.30pm for dining.


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